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Club Member Benefits

Welcome to LMYSIGNATURESTYLES’ Club Membership!  Here you will learn what being a part of our Club offers.  After reviewing the wonderful perks our Club Members enjoy below, we ask that you review our Membership FAQs and join the Club.  Here are the benefits:  



    The biggest perk to becoming a Club member, is the ongoing personal styling services we offer and here’s why: 

          As a Club member you get ongoing personal styling services, which will allow you an affordable way to build a stylish wardrobe of clothing and accessories. That means that, if you are a woman with a busy schedule, the convenience of having us shop and present you with customized looks each month saves you the time and trouble of selecting clothing and accessories yourself and it free up some of your time to do other things you enjoy. 

                  We do a lot more than shop for you, we help you determine which colors and shapes look best on you, and show you how to incorporate them into your wardrobe which would allow you to not only put together great looks day after day, but it saves you from wasting money on things you might only wear once or never at all. 

                          With the help of our styling services you can start to build a cohesive wardrobe and you will not have to buy random clothes ever again, which allow you to save time and only focus on pieces you know you will wear or incorporate into your existing wardrobe and that means that you save time and money in the end. 

                                As a Club Member, you are given exclusive, private access to your very own personalized showroom to shop new selection of clothing and accessories we have handpicked just for you each month according to your body type, style and preference. This will allow you to view, select and purchase the items you like more and those that you know will make you look your absolute best and not waste time with clothing that will not! 

                                    As your stylists we have access to a wide array of clothing no matter what size you are, which means that if you are a plus size woman, a petite woman or an expecting mother, we offer you one place to find clothes, shoes and accessories for any occasion. That means no more strolling through the different stores at the mall and online boutiques and finding that these stores never have your size or your clothing style or the limited amount of inventory that they might of had in your size have been sold out.  

                                        One of the greatest benefits of our styling services is that it is all automated. Each month a new selection of items based on your preferences are added to your personalized showroom.  You can access and view your personalized showroom at any time no matter where you are in the world.  The fact that we ship worldwide allow women around the world to become Club Members and that means that if you are a woman living outside the United States you can still receive the benefits of our personal styling services and build a wardrobe with pieces you absolutely love with our help. 

                                            As stylists we have a pretty good idea which clothing pieces will look best on you, but, let’s face it, you do have the final say. With the automation of our styling services it allow us to present you with a wide selection of items in your personalized showroom we think will suit you best based on your style preferences and that gives you the ability to choose your favorites and then purchase any of those items at your own pace and in your own timing.  That means no more receiving and opening up boxes from other companies and finding that the 3 to 5 pieces that were automatically sent to you were not only your style or preference, but, not at your price point.  With us, you will not have the pressure to try on all pieces within 3 to 5 days and then take the time out of your day to re-package the pieces you do not like in the box it came in and then rush to mail those unwanted items back to the company before you are charged.  We eliminate all the fuss and hassle of running around and allow you to choose and purchase any item you like in your own time and at your own pace – NO PRESSURE!  

                                                Our styling services are flexible and we welcome any suggestions you may have. If you need something specific or if you see a particular item out there that you really like, just take a picture of it and email it to us at and we will do our best to find it for you.  Also, if you love surprises and prefer receiving automatic shipment of monthly boxes of clothing please indicate that on your style profile and also send an email to letting us know and we will work with you to develop automatic shipments that meet your needs. Remember, we are here to please you and we want you to look your absolute best.


                                                   LIFETIME DISCOUNT

                                                    As a Club Member you not only receive personal styling services, but only also receive an automatic 20% lifetime discounted rate on any item (excluding LMY Sets) purchased from our boutique as long as your membership is active. That means no more waiting for sales like the other stores make you do, but, your 20% off lifetime discount is a great way to start.

                                                      FREE CLOTHING

                                                        At LMYSIGNATURESTYLES, we believe in rewarding our Club Members for their ongoing loyalty and support. As a Club Member, whenever you place a monthly order of $200.00 or more you will receive a FREE item handpicked by us especially for you.  Now, who doesn’t like free clothing!   Also, Club Members receive exclusive access to giveaways of free clothing.  Please note that $200.00 is the required amount before taxes and shipping are applied.


                                                          REWARDS PROGRAM

                                                            We continue to reward our Club Members for their ongoing loyalty and support and as a Club Member you can participate in our Rewards Program. Through our Rewards Program you can accumulate points for every action you take including sending us referrals.  You can use these points toward free shipping and money off on purchases.  Please review our Rewards Program for more details.  Please look for a little tab or pop up that says “Rewards Program” on the website.

                                                              EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO OUR MEMBERS ONLY SITE


                                                              • As a Club Member, not only do you get your very own personal showroom, but, you will be granted exclusive access to our members’ only site where:
                                                              • You will be able to view all items discounted just for Club Members.
                                                              • You will have early access to view all items and shop our boutique before everyone else.
                                                              • You will have exclusive access to special items, private sales and giveaways.
                                                              • You will receive styling tips and guides.
                                                              • And much more!


                                                              COST OF MEMBERSHIP

                                                              We put a lot of effort and time in what we do and the services we provide and we bring these services to you at a very affordable cost. With that said, our Club Membership is $49.99 per month. This membership fee will be credited toward a purchase you make from our boutique of $49.99 or more that month (please note that $49.99 is the required amount before taxes and shipping are applied).  Let’s face it, we all need clothes, shoes and accessories and we need to purchase them from somewhere.  As women we shop for these items all the time and spend a lot of money doing it. Our Club Membership offers you a way to do that is convenient, a lot quicker, personalized, and much more cost effective.


                                                              PERSONAL STYLING FOR YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!

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